UNDER THE TENT Envisioning Neighbourhoods – TENT (Toronto Envisioning Neighbourhoods Together): Kingston Galloway Orton Park - Toronto

4 November 2013 - 8 January 2014

TENT is one of a number of participatory planning projects currently underway in the community of Kingston Galloway Orton Park [KGO].

Residents literally put KGO ‘on the map’ using newly acquired 3D modeling  skills as they learned to work with Google SketchUp.

In facilitated conversations participants started to give voice to aspirations for their  community - a neighbourhood which is changing rapidly as the pressure of new development comes to Scarborough

Measuring, photographing and drawing local buildings helped residents to see their neighbourhood differently. Wide sidewalks, underused green space and empty parking lots have become opportunities for community design projects that could improve the feel and livability of the neighbourhood.

The capacity building and confidence that projects like TENT have provided will help the community be more empowered to engage in a productive dialogue with the local Councillor, city planners and developers when the opportunity arrives.

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Curated by

The Centre for City Ecology
Annabel Vaughan